Auxano: Recriprocal Ministries International (RMI)

RMI’s goal was to communicate a partnership connecting the churches in North America to the communities in Haiti, with RMI serving as the conduit between them—enabling and driving the partnership. We addressed this by designing a bridge through the letters of the logo utilizing negative space. The letters for RMI are a bold sans serif font to represent strength, but also in italics, symbolizing movement and momentum. The phrase “Life transforming” is used to reinforce the end result of their vision with two different style options: one being that of transparency in the shape of curve, which conveys motion and change; the second, a graduated screen, signaling transformation with its use of color that morphs from blue to green. Bridge arches were designed to be used in different ways to reinforce the bridge within the RMI logo, signaling partnership. Additionally, a row of photos can be formed in the shape of the bridge arch. The use of texture also adds depth and dimension to the visual identity and communicates the on-the-ground work necessary to build and bridge partnerships between North American churches and Haitian communities. Photographic style further communicates the partnership showing both the effort and results a partnership can yield. All of these elements combine to reinforce RMI’s vision, purpose and proven results.

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